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Origami Owl Canada

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Fall 2014 Sneak Peek Featured

Origami Owl Fall Product Preview

The official Origami Owl Fall 2014 Sneak Peek video is here!  Click here now to watch it and see all the great new products coming soon!!  

Fall Product Preview Video From Origami Owl National Convention 2014

What an amazing weekend!  The Origami Owl Fall product line is going to be amazing!  We had the opportunity to see a ton of new products coming out mid August.  New leather bracelets, new charms and dangles, several new lockets and faces!  New chains, Swarovski crystals and our brand new product line, The Core Collection, [Read On]

Origami Owl Canada

Origami Owl Makes Way For New Fall Product

Origami Owl prides itself on continuing to be cutting edge and fashion forward as it reinvents it’s product line on a regular basis.  The product line remains always fresh and alive as new product is introduced multiple times throughout the year.  Each season, as Origami Owl prepares to release the newest season of product, a [Read On]

Bella Chrissy Chandler Chamber

Origami Owl Founders’ Big Weekend

This past weekend, Origami Owl Founders Chrissy and Bella Weems experienced some monumental moments.  On Friday, Bella attended her high school commencement ceremony and walked the stage as a newly minted high school graduate. On Saturday, Bella and Chrissy were among attendees at the 27th Annual Chambler Chamber of Commerce Community Awards held at the Wild Horse [Read On]

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Origami Owl Success Secret: It’s All About Customer Service!

Success with Origami Owl, as it does with so many businesses, hinges on several important issues.  In my opinion, the most important of all of those is Customer Service.  Are you finding that you’re having trouble getting orders?  Hosting Jewelry Bars and having only a few people show up?  Having great turn out but not [Read On]

Flowers Grow

Origami Owl Success Means Watering Your Seeds

  Many Designers both within my team and without have asked me, “How have you grown such a big team and how have you grown so successful in this business?”  The key word in that sentence is grow.   Both of my parents used to garden when I was a kid growing up.  My dad would [Read On]

Child Help Intro

Origami Owl® Announces Partnership with ChildHelp

I continue to be overjoyed with emotion in working for a company that does so much for so many. Origami Owl has announced a new partnership with ChildHelp an amazing organization helping abused and neglected children. From their website at www.childhelp.org: Founded in 1959 by Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, Childhelp® is a leading national [Read On]

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Bella Weems, Origami Owl Founder on “Good Morning America”

“Good Morning America” Features Bella Our amazing company founder Bella Weems and her parents Chrissy and Warren were featured on “Good Morning America” this morning.  Bella gets to share the story of Origami Owl and her journey in creating the company and all it’s become. Click below to watch the video!