Origami Owl Charms for Easter
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Origami Owl Canada
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Origami Owl Canada Tour Dates Announced!

Origami Owl is super pleased to announce that it’s coming to Canada to welcome, coach, train and love on it’s newest Canadian Designers and people interested in becoming Origami Owl Canada Designers!  These meetings will be great opportunities for Origami Owl Canada Designers to learn more about the company, our mission statement, vision and goals [Read On]

Origami Owl Charms for Easter

Origami Owl Easter Limited Edition Charms Released

  Origami Owl just released it’s new line of Origami Owl Easter Limited Edition charms just in time for the Easter holiday.  The full line of new Easter charms can be found here.  The charms include two Easter eggs, an Easter bunny and four Silver Heart charms with colored crystals. The Silver Heart with Purple Crystals Charm, Silver Heart [Read On]

Origami Owl Canada US Mexico Success

Origami Owl Success Tips: The Fortune is in the Follow Up and It’s As Easy 2+2+2

Origami Owl success is something Marty and I are often asked about.  People join Direct Sales companies all the time but unfortunately not all  of them are successful.  So how can you achieve more Origami Owl success in your own business?  Well, we’re glad you asked.  The following is a process that can help increase your sales as much as [Read On]

Origami Owl Canada Expansion Featured Image

Origami Owl Canada Launch Starts Today 2-3-15

After a highly anticipated waiting period after the announcement that Origami Owl will expand into Canada, the first step in the launch process starts today.  Designers interested in joining the Origami Owl Family can sign on today starting at 8:00 PM EST (7 CST/6MST/5PST) to become a Designer in Waiting.  Designers will need to order [Read On]

Courtney Butler Canada Origami Owl

Origami Owl TWED Designer Focus: Courtney Butler

Through our adventure with Origami Owl, Marty and I have been blessed to be surrounded by a large team of amazing women (and a few good men) who inspire us daily with their teamwork, their leadership, their desire to make a difference in the lives of others and their determination to Dream big and #DoWork [Read On]

Origami Owl Canada Not Only Important Date

Origami Owl Valentine’s Day Looks Make It Easy For Men To Shop

With all the excitement about Origami Owl launching into Canada and the revealing of the new Origami Owl Inscriptions™ line, one could easily forget that one of the biggest shopping holidays is almost upon us!  Valentine’s Day offers plenty of opportunity for sales but let’s face it: Men hate shopping.  And although I say that, [Read On]

Inscriptions Featured

Origami Owl Announces Inscriptions™ Line Featuring Customizable Plates and Lockets

This past weekend’s SOAR training event in Nashville was full of fantastic announcements!  Not only did Origami Owl announce a timeline for it’s launch into Canada but it also released it’s newest line named Inscriptions™.  The Inscriptions™ line is a game changer for Origami Owl and will feature customizable plates and inscribable lockets.  The line [Read On]

Origami Owl Canada Expansion Featured Image

Origami Owl Expands to Canada!

The wait is over!!  Origami Owl announced plans today for it’s official launch into Canada!  The Canadian launch for Origami Owl will begin tentatively on February 3, 2015.  Potential Designers from Canada can sign up to pre-order the Origami Owl Business Packages and join the Origami Owl Designer in Waiting list.  Final payment amounts are [Read On]

Fall 2014 Sneak Peek Featured

Origami Owl Fall Product Preview

The official Origami Owl Fall 2014 Sneak Peek video is here!  Click here now to watch it and see all the great new products coming soon!!  

Fall Preview Featured Image

Fall Product Preview Video From Origami Owl National Convention 2014

What an amazing weekend!  The Origami Owl Fall product line is going to be amazing!  We had the opportunity to see a ton of new products coming out mid August.  New leather bracelets, new charms and dangles, several new lockets and faces!  New chains, Swarovski crystals and our brand new product line, The Core Collection, [Read On]

Origami Owl Canada

Origami Owl Makes Way For New Fall Product

Origami Owl prides itself on continuing to be cutting edge and fashion forward as it reinvents it’s product line on a regular basis.  The product line remains always fresh and alive as new product is introduced multiple times throughout the year.  Each season, as Origami Owl prepares to release the newest season of product, a [Read On]

Bella Chrissy Chandler Chamber

Origami Owl Founders’ Big Weekend

This past weekend, Origami Owl Founders Chrissy and Bella Weems experienced some monumental moments.  On Friday, Bella attended her high school commencement ceremony and walked the stage as a newly minted high school graduate. On Saturday, Bella and Chrissy were among attendees at the 27th Annual Chambler Chamber of Commerce Community Awards held at the Wild Horse [Read On]

Origami Owl Texas

Origami Owl Success Secret: It’s All About Customer Service!

Success with Origami Owl, as it does with so many businesses, hinges on several important issues.  In my opinion, the most important of all of those is Customer Service.  Are you finding that you’re having trouble getting orders?  Hosting Jewelry Bars and having only a few people show up?  Having great turn out but not [Read On]

Flowers Grow

Origami Owl Success Means Watering Your Seeds

  Many Designers both within my team and without have asked me, “How have you grown such a big team and how have you grown so successful in this business?”  The key word in that sentence is grow.   Both of my parents used to garden when I was a kid growing up.  My dad would [Read On]

Child Help Intro

Origami Owl® Announces Partnership with ChildHelp

I continue to be overjoyed with emotion in working for a company that does so much for so many. Origami Owl has announced a new partnership with ChildHelp an amazing organization helping abused and neglected children. From their website at www.childhelp.org: Founded in 1959 by Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, Childhelp® is a leading national [Read On]

Bella GMA pic

Bella Weems, Origami Owl Founder on “Good Morning America”

“Good Morning America” Features Bella Our amazing company founder Bella Weems and her parents Chrissy and Warren were featured on “Good Morning America” this morning.  Bella gets to share the story of Origami Owl and her journey in creating the company and all it’s become. Click below to watch the video!

New Fall Catalog

New Product Has Arrived!!

Window Plates, Toggle Chains, New charms, OH MY! October 1st is finally here and with it come a ton of new Origami Owl® charms, chains, dangles and Tagged by Origami Owl® items!  Browse through the following pictures and let me know which new items is your favorite!  Feel free to email me at heather@owlaboutcharms.com or [Read On]

No Waitlist Featured Picture

The Origami Owl Waitlist is No More… Immediate Openings Available!

Those of you that have followed Origami Owl® for awhile now know that we as a company have had an Independent Designer Waitlist for over a year now.  Although the number of people on the waitlist and the time spent on that waitlist varied, the waitlist has almost always existed.  Until now!  We are so [Read On]


The Origami Owl Business Basics Package: “What’s in the box?”

I receive many questions from Designers in Waiting (DIWs) as to what all the Business Basics Package included and what it looks like, etc.  When I first became an Independent Designer I was so excited to get started!!  I’d waited almost four months to become an Independent Designer and when I finally got my email [Read On]


So You’ve Joined The Waitlist! Now What? DIW Tips For Getting Started With O2 (Part Three)

Part One, Check!  Part Two, Check!  Anything else?   If you’re reading this, it’s my hope that you’ve at least viewed, if not accomplished all of the items discussed in my first two “Getting Started” blog posts (Part One here, Part Two here).  If so, you’re well on your way to starting a successful Origami [Read On]


So You’ve Joined The Waitlist! Now What? DIW Tips For Getting Started With O2 (Part Two)

OK, I did all of that and now I want more!   So you (as a DIW) or your DIW (as a Designer) has found my last blog post (and if you haven’t seen Part One, find it here) and have followed all of the tips found there and is growing in your/their enthusiasm and excitement [Read On]


So You’ve Joined The Waitlist! Now What? DIW Tips for Getting Started with O2 (Part One)

OK, I signed up.  Now what do I do?   This is the most common question I receive from new Designers in Waiting (DIWs) on my Team.   It’s also an important question I get from my Independent Designers as well.   As a quick side note to ID’s:  Keeping DIWs active and interested is very important as they’ll [Read On]


Don’t “Go Postal”! Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Postal Efficiency!

No one likes standing in lines right?  Grocery store, DPS, heck I don’t even like being at red lights and that’s sitting in my A/C’ed car with music jamming.  Our time is valuable and spending it waiting somewhere is not how any of us want to spend it!  I’ve just uploaded a new video (http://owlaboutcharms.com/origamiowlmentor/training-videos/) [Read On]


Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Sherry Washington

Today, the Origami Owl family has suffered a great loss. Sherry Washington, one of our Designer Care shining stars, lost her son this morning. Our hearts are broken for Sherry and her family during this tragic time. During the past week, Sherry has received an amazing amount of kindness from everyone in the Origami Owl [Read On]


August Brings New Hostess Exclusives!

Last month, Origami Owl featured a beautiful silver heart with custom blue crystals with their awesome Hostess Exclusives package.  This heart was only available to hostesses and is not for sale in the Origami Owl catalog or online store.  This year, Origami Owl doubles the exclusive charms with a smoky quartz accent stone and a [Read On]

STL Pic for Moo Pic

Why Men Can and Should be Selling Origami Owl® Custom Jewelry

I am a man … Good afternoon ladies (and hopefully gentlemen).  My name is Marty Miller and I am Heather’s husband and today’s guest blogger.  I am an Independent Designer and a Director (*as of January 2015 the first and only male Director not serving as a CoDesigner with their wife) for Origami Owl Custom [Read On]