Origami Owl Discount Available Through Black Friday 2015 Specials!!

Origami Owl Discount Specials will be available soon as Origmai Owl has announced some major Black Friday specials available only online.  These specials will go live on my website at www.heatheralexander.origamiowl.com at 12:01 AM on Friday, 11/27/15.  These deals are up to 60% off and all orders over $50 receive Free Shipping as well!  Check out these great looks at amazing prices.  These Origami Owl Specials will only be available while supplies last so you’ll want to order quick.  Again, these are ONLY available online via my website.

Origami Owl Discount Black Friday Specials

Origami Owl Discounts

Each special features a custom Origami Owl Living Locket complete with charms and chain.  What a great way to start or add to your Origami Owl Living Locket collection.  See below for full size picures and descriptions of each Living Locket look:

Origami Owl Discounts

Origami Owl “A Mother’s Gift” Living Locket Special
Retail: $62 Origami Owl Discount Price $19

Large Origami Owl Living Locket with Crystals

Mom Charm – 2nd Edition

Small Rose AB Flower Crystal

Mini Silver My Kids Heart Plate

32” Cube Chain

Origami Owl Discount

Origami Owl “Candy Cane Dreams” Living Locket Special
Retail: $49 Origami Owl Discount Price $29

Medium Silver Origami Owl Living Locket with Crystals

2nd Edition Snow Globe Charm

Custom Hex charm- Siam

Candy Cane Dreams Charm

Faceted Ball Chain

Origami Owl Discount

Origami Owl “Key To My Heart” Living Locket Special
Retail: $66 Origami Owl Discount Price $47

Medium Silver Origami Owl Heart Living Locket with Crystals

Clear Puffy Heart Charm

Key to my Heart Charm

16-18” Heart Chain

Origami Owl Discount

Origami Owl “Sparkle With Love” Living Locket Special
Retail: $89 Origami Owl Discount Price $49

Gold Origami Owl Heritage Living Locket with Crystals by Swarovski®

Multi-Pack Crystals – Light Siam

Gold Initial L Charm with Crystals

Gold Initial O Charm with Crystals

Gold Initial V Charm with Crystals

Gold Initial E Charm with Crystals

20” Gold Toggle Chain

Black Friday 2015 4

Origami Owl “Believe in Magic” Living Locket Special
Retail: $93 Origami Owl Discount Price $49

Silver Origami Owl Heritage Living Locket with Crystals by Swarovski®

Nutcracker Charm

Golden Shadow Stardust Swarovski Crystals

Jet Hematite Round Swarovski Crystals

Silver Cushion Cut Drop Earrings

Faceted Ball Chain

Discount Origami Owl

Origami Owl “Faith And Love” Living Locket Special
Retail: $56 Origami Owl Discount Price $19

Medium Origami Owl Rose Gold Living Locket

Cross and Heart Charm

Rose Gold Signature Hex Swarovski® Crystal

16” Rose Gold Toggle Chain

Origami Owl Discount Applies To Cyber Monday Specials As Well!

Discount Origami Owl


Discount Origami Owl

These two Origami Owl Specials will go live on Monday, November 30th at 12:01 AM.  This is just another great way to get an Origami Owl discount and start your Origami Owl Living Locket collection today!  For more information, please be sure to visit my Origami Owl website or feel free to email me at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com  Again, these Origami Owl discount specials will not last long so get them quick and enjoy them for years to come!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Origami Owl Pleases with Plaid for Holidays 2015

Origami Owl has announced it’s newest Holiday Line for 2015 and plaid plays a big part!  We’ll showcase the new holiday charms and dangles later but right now, we’re so excited about the newest items.  As Chrissy and Bella put it, “We’re mad about plaid!”  Watch this great video showcasing the new Plaid Genuine Leather Wrap and Large Black Plaid Plate.

Origami Owl Puts Plaid on Point

Origami Owl continues to research and develop products that are right in light with what’s happening in the fashion world.  Plaid is the newest hot fashion trend and is showing up on runways everywhere.  We’re super excited to be able to add this fashion trend to our existing Origami Owl Living Locket looks.  While the Large Black Plaid Plate will go great with classy business looks or paired with your favorite little black dress, the Red Plaid Leather Wrap is perfect for those holiday office parties or to pair with your favorite pair of red heels or, in my case, flip flops!  The wrap works well with Living Lockets, Inscription Plaques or Sliders and of course our amazing new Large Silver Twist Watch Base.  The best part is that you can purchase ONE of these new wraps and use them in combination with all of your looks.

Origami Owl Holiday Plaid Leather Wrap

Origami Owl’s Hottest Plaid Looks Available Now!

The Plaid Genuine Leather Wrap is available in two sizes, 6-7 1/4″ or 7 1/2″ – 8 1/2″, and is available for purchase now on my website.  Click HERE to visit and start your holiday shopping now!  While you’re there, check out the Large Black Plaid Plate which would be the perfect addition to your Living Locket or an even better start for that perfect holiday gift!  We know you’ll be tempted to view the new holiday charms, plates and dangles as well and we can’t fault you for doing so but be sure to come back soon as we’ll be showcasing those amazing pieces in our next post.  As always, thanks for visiting the blog, we hope you and yours have a blessed, safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Origami Owl Holiday Plaid Fashion

Bella Weems Discusses Origami Owl Canada on TV

Origami Owl Founder Bella Weems appeared on Canada AM this morning as part of the Hello Canada! launch event series that is happening throughout Canadian provinces this week and next!  The event welcomes Origami Owl Canada Designers to the company.  Bella and her mother Chrissy Weems alongside fellow Origami Owl Founders Tyson Basha and Shawn Maxwell will be visiting Guelph, Ontario tomorrow to celebrate the Origami Owl Canada Launch.

New Origami Owl Canada Designers traveling from all over Ontario and neighboring provinces can expect training, professional development, gifts, dance parties and a whole lot of fun!  Origami Owl officially began welcoming Designers March 16th after a multi-week Designer in Waiting period.  There are currently over 1,000 Origami Owl Canada Designers that have begun their journeys and the growth of new enrollments is ever increasing.  Canadians interested in joining Origami Owl Canada can enroll by purchasing an Origami Owl Business Basics Kit for $179.99 CDN plus tax and shipping.  The kit will contain all of the necessary business supplies to get the new Origami Owl Canada Designer up and running plus several hundred dollars worth of product including lockets, chains, charms, bracelets and more!

Origami Owl Canada

See Bella Weems on Canada AM by following this link:


If you are interested in joining the Origami Owl family, regardless of whether you’re from Canada, the U.S. or even Puerto Rico, please contact me as I’d love to share more about the opportunity with you.  I can be reached via email at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com

Origami Owl Canada Tour Dates Announced!

Origami Owl is super pleased to announce that it’s coming to Canada to welcome, coach, train and love on it’s newest Canadian Designers and people interested in becoming Origami Owl Canada Designers!  These meetings will be great opportunities for Origami Owl Canada Designers to learn more about the company, our mission statement, vision and goals and meet members of our Corporate Team from The Nest (World Headquarters) and also to meet and learn from Designers already in the field.

More information about how to register for these Origami Owl Canada events will be coming soon!  As always, dates, times and event locations are subject to change.

Origami Owl Canada

Origami Owl Canada Launch Events

Say Hello Canada

Dates, Locations and Times



March 31, 2015

Vancouver, ON

Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel

15269 104 Ave.

Surrey V3R 1N5 Canada

Meeting room: Tynehead 2

Meeting times: 7:00PM -9:00PM

Parking @ $5 per car – O2 will host parking

Hotel will post a sign on the meters telling guests NOT to pay at the meters but to register their plate number in their meeting room.  Hotel will provide a sign-up sheet and charge O2.



April 8, 2015

Ottawa, ON

Ramada Ottowa on the Rideau

2259 Prince of Wales Drive

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2E 6Z8
Meeting room: Riverview Room

Meeting times: 7:00PM -9:00PM

Parking is complimentary



April 11, 2015

Guelph, ON

Delta Guelph Hotel and Conference Centre

50 Stone Road St. West

Guelph, Ontario, NIG OA9, Canada

Register on-line at www.regonline.com/sayhellocanada
Free Registration

Origami Owl Founders Chrissy and Bella Weems will be in attendance

Meeting room: Royal City Ballroom

Meeting times: 7:00PM -9:00PM

Parking is @ $7 per car – O2 will Host



April 14, 2015

Calgary, AB

Four Points by Sheraton Calgary Airport

2875 Sunridge Way Ne

Calgary, AB T1Y7K7, Canada

Meeting room: Willow Room A

Meeting times: 7:00PM -9:00PM

Parking is complimentary



April 21, 2015

Saskatoon, SK

Ramada Saskatoon

806 Idylwyld Drive North,

Saskatoon, SK S7L 0Z6 CA

Meeting room: Riel Room

Meeting times: 7:00PM -9:00PM

Parking is complimentary



April 22, 2015

Regina, SK

Executive Royal Hotel

4025 Albert Street S

Regina, SK Canada S4S-3R6

Meeting room: Emerald Room A

Meeting times: 7:00PM -9:00PM

Parking is complimentary



April 28, 2015

Halifax, NS

Four Point by Sheraton

1496 Hollis Street

Halifax,Nova Scotia, B3J 3Z1 Canada

Meeting room: Compass Room

Meeting times: 7:00PM -9:00PM

Street parking is complimentary

Origami Owl Canada

Origami Owl Easter Limited Edition Charms Released

Origami Owl Easter Charms for US Canada Mexico

Origami Owl Easter Limited Edition charms are now available!


Origami Owl just released it’s new line of Origami Owl Easter Limited Edition Charms just in time for the Easter holiday.  The full line of new Easter charms can be found here.  The charms include two Easter eggs, an Easter bunny and four Silver Heart charms with colored crystals.

Origami Owl Easter Heart US Canada MexicoThe Silver Heart with Purple Crystals Charm, Silver Heart with Yellow Crystals Charm, Silver Heart with Orange Crystals Charm and Silver Heart with Aqua Crystals will join the Crystal Silver Heart Charm, the Silver Heart with Pink Crystals and the Crystal Rose Gold Heart Charm to provide a wide array of colored hearts to add to your beautiful and unique Origami Owl Living Locket.  Origami Owl continues to release new Limited Edition charms including several Limited Edition charms this past Valentine’s Day and a collection of Limited Edition charms from this past Christmas holiday season.  Several of the Christmas holiday Limited Edition charms were the second in a series.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these limited edition charms at retail price (no mark-ups here!) please contact me at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com and I’ll happily check my inventory to see what I still have available.

Excited about Origami Owl Easter?  Just wait for the Spring Product Launch!

Origami Owl Spring Product US Canada Mexico

The Origami Owl Easter Line precedes the Origami Owl Spring launch by just two weeks.  The Spring product launch is scheduled for March 16th, 2015 and will feature several new lines, additional product additions and lots of new charms.  Origami Owl will release several new wrap styles (who doesn’t love animal prints?!) a new charm frame intended to keep your charms in just the right spot while you wear it, a new line of inspirational bracelets and new additions to the In{script}ions line as well.

To see the Origami Owl Spring Product Preview video, click here.

If you would like a new Spring Take Out Menu mailed to you (customers only please!) feel free to email me at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com and I’ll happily get one into the mail when they begin to arrive on or about March 16th.

Origami Owl Success Tips: The Fortune is in the Follow Up and It’s As Easy 2+2+2

Origami Owl Success Follow Up

Origami Owl success is something Marty and I are often asked about.  People join Direct Sales companies all the time but unfortunately not all  of them are successful.  So how can you achieve more Origami Owl success in your own business?  Well, we’re glad you asked.  The following is a process that can help increase your sales as much as 50% based upon studies done by the Direct Sales Association (DSA).  We hope that you’ll implement it in your business today and report back to us your success!  Be sure to email us at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com and let us know how you’re doing with this simple, easy process.

Origami Owl Math Problem: What’s 2+2+2 Equal To?

Marty and I were blessed to meet and be coached by Belinda Ellsworth  recently during her 2oth Anniversary Tour.  We plan on sharing many of the tips to success that Belinda shared with us last night and we’ll start with this simple sales building technique.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not that good at math….”  The reality is that we’re not all good at math but what we’re even worse at as a Direct Sales group as a whole is follow-up.  Belinda referred to it as “reservicing”.  Sure, we all service our customers when they’re at our Jewelry Bars or during our events and craft shows.  That being said, how many of us actually call the customers afterwards and follow up with them?  Don’t worry if you haven’t done that in the past.  According to the DSA’s surveys, less than 5% of Direct Sales consultants follow up with their customers after the sale.  It’s time to change that and here’s how!

Two days after the sale, pick up the phone…

The 2+2+2 equation comes from a series of phone calls you’ll make to your customers after their purchase.  The first 2 refers to two days after the event or Jewelry bar.  This first phone call is a simple “Thank you!” call and requires very little effort and discussion.  A simple script could go as follows:

“Hi Debi, it’s Heather with Origami Owl.  I just wanted to call you to thank you for your order during Suzy’s Jewelry Bar this past weekend.”


“I appreciate your business and can’t wait to hear how much you love your locket!” (if you had to place an order for the customer)


“I appreciate your business and hope (person she bought it for) loves her new locket!” (if it was a gift)


” I hope you love your locket and enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it for you!” (if she took the product with her)


“Well, your new locket should be arriving within the next 7-10 days.  I hope you have a great week and thanks again!” (if ordered)


“Well, that’s it.  I hope you have a great week and thanks again!” (if she took the product with her)

Call One is simply about appreciation…

During your first call, you’re simply calling to express your thanks and appreciation.  You’re not trying to drum up more sales, you’re not trying to book events, you’re not trying to sponsor a new Designer.  You’re simply saying “Thanks!”  Now, that being said, the reason for the PAUSE is to allow the customer to reply.  Don’t be surprised if you catch your customer off guard and get a hesitant reply such as “OK….”  Since this is such a unique phone call (remember less than 5% of Direct Sales consultants follow up after the intials sale to thank their customers) it’s very possible that your customer may think you’re fishing for something else and not know how to reply.  That’s OK, just go with it and wrap up the conversation.  Belinda let us know that there have even been times when the customer calls back and apologizes for being so awkward but that they were simply shocked that someone would call them to say thank you.  In addition, based upon the DSA surveys, about 8% of customers will increase or add to their order during this first phone call.  In addition, about 20% of customers will book an event of their own during this phone call.  Remember, although these are not the purposes of this phone call, these things can and will happen.  You just have to place the call!

Two weeks after the sale, pick up the phone again…

Two weeks later, you’ll be reaching out to those same customers.  The script for this phone call could be something similar to:

“Hey Debi, it’s Heather from Origami Owl.  How have you been?  Well, I wanted to reach out to you to follow up on your order from Suzy’s Jewelry Bar.  I wanted to make sure you received your locket, chain and charms (etc.) and to find out if you have any questions?  Have you had the chance to wear it?  How much do you love it?” (if they ordered product)


“Hey Debi, it’s Heather from Origami Owl.  How have you been?  Well, I wanted to follow up with you on the locket you purchased from Suzy’s Jewelry Bar.  I’m sure you’ve worn it a few times now and I wanted to make sure the chain length worked well for you and that you’ve had no issues with changing out your charms?  Did you have any other questions regarding the product?” (if they took the product)

Call Two is about servicing the client…

Call two is simply about following up with the client to make sure they’re happy with their purchase.  Oftentimes customers will see you put together the locket (or the bracelet!) and it seems super easy but when they get home they have trouble with getting the bracelet, locket, plate etc. to look “as good as it did at the party/event”.  This is where you come in with your tips on how to make sure the charms are evenly spaced and flat and how to wrap the bracelet around twice to make sure it looks right, etc.  Once again, you’re not asking for sales, booking or sponsoring.  You’re simply servicing the customer.  Occasionally you’ll come across a customer who ordered product and is missing something or received the wrong items.  The fact that you’re calling to follow up and are willing to correct any issue that may have occurred will go a long way in generating additional sales and referrals.  Again, your words are not asking for additional business but your actions are most likely to cause additional business, if for no other reason than you’re doing something very few other Direct Sales consultants actually do: “reservice” the client!

Two months after the sale, pick up the phone one more time…

At this point, you’re following up for the reason your customer thought you were calling about in the first place, asking for new sales.  Origami Owl is coming out with more and more new product launches and exclusive charms on a regular basis!  Have you seen the new Easter collection?  Time this final follow up call with a  new product launch or exclusive line reveal and you’ll have a reason to talk to the customer about new products.  A script could go as follows:

“Hey Debi, it’s Heather with Origami Owl!  I hope you’ve been well, it’s been awhile since we last talked.  I wanted to call you to check in to make sure you didn’t have any additional questions about your Origami Owl jewelry.  Also, I wanted to let you know that we just launched a super cute new line of (whatever is newest in the Origami Owl line of product)!”

Customers oftentimes will receive emails from their Direct Sales consultants alerting them of new product launches but oftentimes it goes in one ear and out the next.  We’re all busy people right?  By actually calling your customers, you give them an opportunity to discuss the new product with you and hopefully set up an additional Jewelry Bar or make a new sale because they love you and your product so much!

And you thought you wouldn’t be good at math….

In the end, the math for Origami Owl Success is as simple as 2+2+2=Success.  Make a schedule, plan your calls and follow up three times for each customer you create and you’ll find your sales will be through the roof in no time!  If you have any questions regarding this method, feel free to email me at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com or post them in the comments below.  Best wishes as always for continued success with your Origami Owl business!

Origami Owl Canada Launch Starts Today 2-3-15

Canadian Origami Owl Designers

The wait is over! Origami Owl officially expands to Canada on 02/03/15!

After a highly anticipated waiting period after the announcement that Origami Owl will expand into Canada, the first step in the launch process starts today.  Designers interested in joining the Origami Owl Family can sign on today starting at 8:00 PM EST (7 CST/6MST/5PST) to become a Designer in Waiting.  Designers will need to order and pay for their business kit which will start shipping in two weeks.  Designers will receive full access to their Origami Owl Back Office and their replicated website and so much more on March 16th.  The Origami Owl Canadian launch will include Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan with plans to expand into Quebec coming soon!

Origami Owl comes to Canada

If you are interested in joining the Origami Owl family has a Designer from Canada, please email me at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com for more information on this incredible opportunity.  I look forward to providing you with more information on how you can join the Origami Owl family and share with Canada the amazing experience that is creating an Origami Owl Living Locket and pairing it with our other amazing product lines including bracelets, bangles, earrings and more!  I should know the website that potential Origami Owl Designers from Canada can use to sign up later this evening.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you reach your goals and dreams with Origami Owl!

Origami Owl TWED Designer Focus: Courtney Butler

Through our adventure with Origami Owl, Marty and I have been blessed to be surrounded by a large team of amazing women (and a few good men) who inspire us daily with their teamwork, their leadership, their desire to make a difference in the lives of others and their determination to Dream big and #DoWork to reach their personal goals as well.  Based upon that, we’ve decided to start featuring a few of those team members in order to share their stories with each of you reading this blog so that you can get to know better, the amazing people that make up Team Wide Eyed Dreamers and the Origami Owl family as a whole.

Origami Owl Canada Excites Courtney ButlerOur first Designer focus revolves around a young lady out of Independence, Kentucky.  It’s ironic that her home town has so much to do with her journey in Origami Owl.  When I first met her online through her mentor Brandy Norris, I learned of her desires and her goals with Origami Owl.  Her focus on financial independence and her desire to provide for more for her and her husband Chad.  Over the year plus I’ve gotten to spend with Courtney, I’ve been humbled by her spirit and her determination to serve others and to love on them through good times and bad.  Courtney’s Origami Owl journey revolves around her love for her mother.


Here is Courtney’s story:

“Never in my entire life did I see myself doing anything in direct sells, that is until I stumbled across Origami Owl. As soon as I got my hands on a take out menu, I knew right away I just had to have one of everything! I signed up immediately to be a designer, thinking I would join just to get the discounts and maybe have a party or two for my friends and family. Maybe. I had no interest whatsoever in building a team; the thought never crossed my mind.

Courtney Butler Canada Origami Owl
The very first locket I designed was in memory of my mom, who passed away of breast cancer shortly after my 18th birthday. I sat at my kitchen table with my locket open, placing each charm in its rightful place inside with tears streaming down my face. It meant SO much to me to have this locket to wear…anything to grasp the void I had felt in my heart for so long. I knew at that very moment I had found my niche. I wanted to share this feeling I felt with the world, and if I could just make a couple people feel the way I felt at that moment, my work would be done. The very last thing my mom wrote to me was in my high school graduation card. It read, “Courtney, we are so proud of how far you’ve come, you’ve done so well. Continue to do that!” There could never be a sign anymore clear than this.


Today, almost a year and a half later, my life has made an incredible turn for the better. Not only have I been sharing my love of O2, but with the wonderful leadership of Heather and Marty I now have a successful team of almost 40 beautiful women who are like my family.  Heather & Marty are two of the most uplifting and inspiring duo I’ve ever met in my life, hands down. They are just like family to me and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to be apart of their team.


Through my Origami Owl journey, I have promoted to Senior Team Leader and I have gained an enormous amount of confidence in myself. Confidence that would NEVER be present without Origami Owl. I set goals, I pushed past my fears of public speaking and meeting new faces and most of all, I’m SO happy! I take great pride in what I do, helping others to tell their story and I’ve met so many amazing people. This is proof to me that whatever I set my mind to, I know I can do it if my heart is in it. I am incredibly blessed to have the support of my friends and family, but most of all I’m blessed to have my husband who constantly reminds me that he’s so proud of me. I’ve grown as a person. I’ve grown as a wife. Thank you, Origami Owl, for changing my life and allowing me to spread love wherever I go and be a force for good. My heart is right where it is meant to be.”


We are so pleased to have Courtney Butler as a part of our Origami Owl Team Wide Eyed Dreamer team.  We look forward to showcasing additional TWED Designers in the weeks to come!  Stay tuned!!

Origami Owl Valentine’s Day Looks Make It Easy For Men To Shop

With all the excitement about Origami Owl launching into Canada and the revealing of the new Origami Owl Inscriptions™ line, one could easily forget that one of the biggest shopping holidays is almost upon us!  Valentine’s Day offers plenty of opportunity for sales but let’s face it: Men hate shopping.  And although I say that, it’s not completely true.  Men don’t mind shopping when they know what they’re shopping for.  I know my husband Marty doesn’t mind going grocery shopping but he usually wants to go alone, creates a list of things we needs and is in and out in less than 20 mins.  I, on the otherhand, enjoy going grocery shopping because it means going up and down almost every aisle looking for new recipe ideas or culinary treats I might prepare at one date in the future.  Marty and I both go shopping but we go about it in very different ways.  Origami Owl has realized that men need to know exactly what they are shopping for and had created custom looks for us women to review and decide which one we want.  From there, it’s easy.  Just send your husband, boyfriend or significant other this link and let them know which look you like and tell them my email address is Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com   I’ll handle everything else from there!  Looking forward to providing you with exactly what you want this Valentine’s Day!

Origami Owl Valentine’s Day Looks

Origami Owl Canada Overshadows New Valentines Day Launch

Origami Owl Canada Overshadows New Valentines Day LaunchOrigami Owl Canada Overshadows New Valentines Day Launch

Origami Owl Canada Overshadows New Valentines Day Launch

Origami Owl Canada Overshadows Valentine's Day Product Looks

Origami Owl Canada Overshadows New Valentine's Day Looks

Origami Owl Canada Overshadows Valentine's Day Looks

Origami Owl Announces Inscriptions™ Line Featuring Customizable Plates and Lockets

This past weekend’s SOAR training event in Nashville was full of fantastic announcements!  Not only did Origami Owl announce a timeline for it’s launch into Canada but it also released it’s newest line named Inscriptions™.  The Inscriptions™ line is a game changer for Origami Owl and will feature customizable plates and inscribable lockets.  The line will allow Origami Owl customers to customize Medium and Large Gold or Silver plates with words, dates, verses or monograms.

Origami Owl Canada and Inscriptions


In addition to Medium and Large plates, Origami Owl customers will also be able to inscribe the back of their Large Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or Black Twist Locket bases.  What an amazing way to truly customize your locket as a gift to the person you’re presenting it to.  The back of the locket can now have a custom message from you as the customer.  A saying, a date, a phrase, anything can be placed on the back of the locket to raise the bar on the impression and the uniqueness of this custom gift!

Origami Owl Canada Not Only Announcement at SOAR

Origami Owl has released this amazing video with even more information on the Inscriptions™ line:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKDiwL2-iOY  The Inscriptions™ line will go live on February 17th for US Origami Owl customers and on March 16th for Origami Owl Designers and Customers in Canada.

Origami Owl Expands to Canada!

Canadian Origami Owl Designers

The wait is over! Origami Owl officially expands to Canada on 02/03/15!

The wait is over!!  Origami Owl announced plans today for it’s official launch into Canada!  The Canadian launch for Origami Owl will begin tentatively on February 3, 2015.  Potential Designers from Canada can sign up to pre-order the Origami Owl Business Packages and join the Origami Owl Designer in Waiting list.  Final payment amounts are still being determined but payment will be required for the business package when you join the DIW list.  On or about February 17, 2015, Origami Owl will begin to ship Business Packages to new Designers in Canada.  These new Designers will be encouraged to show their friends, family members and colleagues their new, amazing jewelry (or jewellery) and let them know all about Origami Owl, the story of it’s 14 year old founder and our mission to be a “Global Force For Good”.   On our about March 16th, Origami Owl will go live in Canada.  New Canadian Designers should have full access to their Back Offices and be able to being hosting Jewelry Bars and offering the Origami Owl product for sale in Canada.

For more information, please email me at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com

Origami Owl comes to Canada

Origami Owl Canadian Expansion Timeline


Origami Owl Fall Product Preview

Fall 2014 Sneak Peek

The official Origami Owl Fall 2014 Sneak Peek video is here!  Click here now to watch it and see all the great new products coming soon!!


Fall Product Preview Video From Origami Owl National Convention 2014

What an amazing weekend!  The Origami Owl Fall product line is going to be amazing!  We had the opportunity to see a ton of new products coming out mid August.  New leather bracelets, new charms and dangles, several new lockets and faces!  New chains, Swarovski crystals and our brand new product line, The Core Collection, a series of amazing bangles, charms and more!  Watch this video for a quick preview of what’s to come soon and email me for more information on ordering at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com



Origami Owl Makes Way For New Fall Product

Origami Owl Canada

Origami Owl prides itself on continuing to be cutting edge and fashion forward as it reinvents it’s product line on a regular basis.  The product line remains always fresh and alive as new product is introduced multiple times throughout the year.  Each season, as Origami Owl prepares to release the newest season of product, a list of retired products known as Bye Bye Birdie is released.  These products will no longer be reordered by Origami Owl and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Origami Owl National Convention Holds Some BIG Surprises!

By the looks of this season’s list, Origami Owl has some BIG plans for the Fall season!  Traditionally, Origami Owl releases it’s plans for the fall product line at our National Convention, “The O2 Experience” which is slated to be held this year at the Phoenix Convention Center July 24-26th, 2014.  While Origami Owl’s retired product list is normally rather small, this season’s list is rather large meaning the plans for new products must be huge!

Stay tuned to this page for posts, pictures and videos from the convention but for now, click HERE to shop for your favorite retired items before they’re gone!

Origami Owl Founders’ Big Weekend

This past weekend, Origami Owl Founders Chrissy and Bella Weems experienced some monumental moments.  On Friday, Bella attended her high school commencement ceremony and walked the stage as a newly minted high school graduate.

Bella Graduation

On Saturday, Bella and Chrissy were among attendees at the 27th Annual Chambler Chamber of Commerce Community Awards held at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino.  They accepted the Chandler Chamber of Commerce Award for Business of the Year.

Bella Chrissy Chandler Chamber

Congratulations Bella and Chrissy!  We are so excited to see all of the great things to come for the both of you and for this amazing company!

Origami Owl Success Secret: It’s All About Customer Service!

Success with Origami Owl, as it does with so many businesses, hinges on several important issues.  In my opinion, the most important of all of those is Customer Service.  Are you finding that you’re having trouble getting orders?  Hosting Jewelry Bars and having only a few people show up?  Having great turn out but not many orders?  Not getting any repeat orders?  Perhaps it’s your lack of Customer Service that’s hindering that success.  Here a few tips that I can share with you that helped me increase my sales, especially repeat sales through customer development.

Knowledge is Power.  Knowledge is Key.

Origami Owl Texas

Do you know the product backwards and forwards?  If you’re a new Designer, this can be difficult to start with as we have several different product lines.  Some are pewter, others stainless steel.  Some are plated, some are ionized, etc.  But all that being said, you MUST learn the product.  The “Points of Difference” document is a huge resource for Designers both new and old and should be studied like a college textbook.  I might even suggest making flashcards so you know the product backwards and forwards.  When a customer or potential Designer asks you questions about the product, you lose all sense of credibility when you fumble for the answer or worse yet, tell some one you don’t know.  Here are just a few questions you’ll want to know the answer to for each of our product lines:

- What’s the product made of?
- Is it hypoallergenic?
- Will it tarnish?
- Which items come in which finishes?
(Nothing worse that someone getting excited about buying a product in a finish it’s not available in.)
- What’s my warranty?
- How much does this item cost? (I know memorizing every price is difficult but it should be a goal.  Beginners should at least have a rough price range for each set of products)
- What does Origami Owl stand for?
- Where is the company based out of?
- Who is Bella?

Learning as much as you can about the above questions and many more will help you sound polished and professional when speaking with new Designers and Customers alike and will instill confidence in those you’re speaking with.

Be in the Moment.  Don’t Fall Prey to “Turn and Burn” Mentalities


Being in the moment is not just one of those important life lessons regarding how you live your life.  It’s also very important with regards to Customer Service.  McDonald’s used to boast how many millions of hamburgers it had served.  I guess the number got too big so they now leave it off of their signs but that being said, when was the last time you truly had a good customer service experience at a McDonald’s?  And that’s with a product that’s mass produced and exactly alike whenever and wherever you order it.  Origami Owl Living Lockets are uniquely different to every customer.  When you’re at a Jewelry Bar or a show, do your best to focus 100% on the customer you’re working with.  Ask them questions.  Learn their story.  Help them make the locket they’re going to LOVE for years to come.  I’ve worked many shows by myself and have oftentimes had three to four customers in my booth at one time.  It would be very easy for me to attempt to handle all of them at the same time.  “Hi ladies!  Just let me know when you’re ready to make your purchase.” would be very easy to say.  Instead, I do my best to focus on each customer, one at a time.  And I’ll be honest, I’ve lost business doing this.  Some people are not patient or don’t have the time to wait.  But that being said, the ones I do help appreciate the time I spent with them so much that they often will send other customers my way.  They also re-order and participate in my emails and Facebook pages.  They are loyal customers and I have EARNED them through the time I spent with them.  Truth is, you can earn more in the short term as a “Turn and Burn” customer salesperson.  However, it’s a one and done type transaction.  That person may be happy with their product but they probably won’t remember you any more than you’ll remember them.  Next time it comes to order more product, you’ll be a distant memory.  Focus on the customer and they’ll repay you in much more than just simple sales and profits.

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Origami Owl Texas

I know it’s a cheesy cliché but it’s so true.  When I get home from a three day show, I usually want to take at least a day or two break form Origami Owl.  However, that’s one of the worst moves I can make.  We are living in an instant gratification society.  If someone wants information on how to join my team, they want it ASAP.  If someone is waiting for an email from me regarding a product I may not have had at the time, they’re only willing to wait so long.  More than once, I’ve made the mistake of waiting to follow up with a customer or a potential Designer only to find out that they purchased product from someone else or joined someone else’s team.  The fortune is in FAST follow-up.  It’s also in FREQUENT follow-up.  Many Designers, myself included, provide a “Win a Free Locket” giveaway at shows.  In order to enter the drawing, customers fill out a short form asking them three questions about if they would like to host a Jewelry bar, if they would like info on joining the team and if they’d like to stay up to date on future info.  I’ve had shows where my contest entries have topped over one hundred entries.  That’s a lot of people to follow up with but it’s IMPERATIVE for success.  Developing template emails that you can send potential hostesses and Designers is important.  You can always personalize them with a “Hi Heather, it was great meeting you this weekend at the ABC123 Show.  I hope you love your locket!  Here’s the info you requested about XXX.”  But don’t reinvent the wheel every time.  The rest of that email should be a draft or template you send out every time.  Make it informative.  Make it interesting.  But don’t remake it every time.  In addition, don’t forget that Origami Owl has a newsletter that is free to use for all Origami Owl Designers.  This newsletter is sent out every month to anyone you add to it.  My fiancé calls this drip marketing because each month they get a quick “drip” of information from you.  You’re not barraging them or spamming them weekly but just offering a quick reminder so that when it does come time for that customer to order new product, they’ll know exactly who to go to!

The Ball Is Now in Your Court…

Origami Owl Texas

Well, I’ve given you a lot to read and think about.  I hope you’re starting to realize, if you didn’t already, how important Customer Service is and how successful you can be if you practice just a few (but hopefully most) of these practices.  So the only question is, are you going to practice them?    If you would like to discuss any of these tips further, please feel free to email me at Heather@OwlAboutCharms.com   Did I leave one of your favorite tips out?  Feel free to leave it in the comments section below.  Thanks!!

Origami Owl Success Means Watering Your Seeds


Many Designers both within my team and without have asked me, “How have you grown such a big team and how have you grown so successful in this business?”  The key word in that sentence is grow.   Both of my parents used to garden when I was a kid growing up.  My dad would grow the sweetest, ripest tomatoes you’d ever tasted and my mom used to season our dinners with herbs she’d grown on the counter top.  I saw the efforts that it took for them to grow those items and it was their constant attention, watering, feeding, etc. that caused those items to be so tasty.

Origami Owl Growth Requires Sticking Around

Origami Owl Texas

If you were a farmer and you’d just spent $500-$1,000 tilling and preparing the land and sowing the seeds and starting your crops, would you at least stick around until the plants had grown to their full potential?  Of course you would.  Yet many designers quit after just one or two months because they haven’t earned a bonus check yet.  They haven’t made the money they thought they would.  They’re not getting the activity they thought they would or the response they thought they would.  And their solution?  Quit.  The only thing quitting guarantees is failure.  Getting started in Origami Owl is easy enough.  You purchase your kit.  You start telling your friends and family about your business and the amazing products available and you host your first jewelry bar or two.  You share your story and help others share their story through their lockets and you have fun and make some money.  And then what?  If you stop here, which is the point where I see so many Designers stop at, you’re surely not going to succeed long term.  You’ve got to continue to work.  Spread the word, grow your social network.  Search for events.  Contact people you’ve not contacted in a long time and share with them your experience.  Like my fiancée Marty always says, you’ve got to continue to DO WORK.  It’s only through continued work that you’ll see the fruit of your efforts continue to grow.

Home-based Businesses Are Different

Origami Owl Business Success

So why do designers quit so quickly? Because they look at network marketing like a job. In a job, if you don’t receive your paycheck for your efforts after one or two months, of course you would quit. But starting your own business is different. There is a lot of effort and learning in the early days before the payoff begins. When Donald Trump builds one of his many casinos, he certainly wouldn’t quit the project after only two months because it wasn’t producing any revenue. Businesses take time. Businesses take investment. A little education for our new designers will help them realize the difference between a job and a business. You have to touch your business everyday. If you have one failed Jewelry bar that is okay, it happens. Onto the next one! You’ve got to keep going, market your business and eventually the seeds you sow will come back to you!!

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

Origami Owl Team

One of the best parts of our Team Wide Eyed Dreamers team is the support that our Designers provide one another through our Facebook Group page.  Team members ask questions, post pictures, flyers and marketing materials and support one another through constant praise, innovation and joy.  We also provide a Facebook page for strictly new Designers where they can feel comfortable asking questions they may think are silly or that they should know the answer to and we provide files and support to these new Designers as they grow in their business.  If you are considering the Origami Owl opportunity and would like to apply to join my team, you can do so by clicking here.  I hope that if you feel my team would not be a good fit that you at least give the opportunity a chance and that you stick with it, do work, water your seeds and experience tremendous growth!